Travel The World Through Food

If there is anything that a lot of us miss at this time, it’s travelling. Anyway, while international borders are closed, there’s no reason why we can’t explore the world right from where we are.

How to experience a glimpse of the world without a passport?

We have a tip for you. Here are some of the must-try dishes gathered from different continents that you should consider when eating on the go. Make sure to plate your tasty food in the FoldEat containers. It’ll be just like dining on the other side of the globe. 

Vietnamese Pho

Many of us are just in love with Asian cuisine. When you are ready to eat something new and tasty, we suggest you to try one of Vietnam’s signature dishes – Pho. Add slowly simmered chicken or beef broth in The Fullor container, along with chewy rice noodles, tender beef slices and crunchy veggies. Want to poor some sauce on the top? You can use The Dips – three mini containers perfect for carrying the essential extras. Now you’re all set!

American Fluffy Pancakes

We are sure that you already heard of the delicious American pancakes. But not all of is know the trick to making them fluffy. It’s all about the eggs. The number one secret to getting fluffy and thick delicious pancakes is to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Imagine after hard hours of work what it’s like to enjoy some hot pancakes with maple syrup and butter. You can always pour these on the side, in The Dips mini containers.

Ethiopian Shiro

If you want to try African continent’s cuisine, Ethiopian food it’s a must. For those of you who want to go completely vegan, trying shiro it’s a must. Just mix in The Fullor container powdered chickpeas with minced onions, garlic, and ground ginger or chopped tomatoes and chili-peppers. You will definitely adore it!

Australian Lamingtons

If you're up for something sweet, it's time to try Lamingtons. There is no cake more Australian than this one! And when it comes to cooking, it's simpler than you think: make a buttery vanilla sponge cake, cut it into squares, dip into chocolate icing and coat with coconut. Take it with you to the office in your FoldEat lunchbox and share it with your colleagues. They will definitely love it!

Portuguese Francesinha

If you didn’t try Portuguese cuisine until now, this is the perfect time. Pack for tomorrow at work a delicious snack: the Francesinha - a sandwich typically made with ham, sausage and cheese, doused in rich, beer-infused sauce with a sunny side egg on top. Do you prefer the sauce on the side? The Dips are there for you. Don’t worry, it won't leak!