Healthy Eating Essentials

It may be a real challenge for you to find healthy food when you are traveling or simply going to work. Not anymore. With your FoldEat, eating on the go is about to get really cool and easy.


Whether you're carrying breakfast, lunch or dinner, with FoldEat you can control and portion your meals perfectly, so you won't deviate from your healthy diet.

This lunchbox unfolds into an eating mat which makes it very easy for you to have your healthy meal wherever you are. No worries, it's a handle or an over the shoulder bag so it will be easy for you to carry it anyway you want. 

When it comes to liquids, there's nothing safer than a screw cap. We've also included extra foam insulation and the Cooling/Warming Pads so you will be able to have your food at the optimal temperature at any time of the day. Now it's easy: keep your meals fresh all day long and, for maximum efficiency, fit the Pads between containers.

Also, with the detachable and adjustable Separators for Food Portioning you can mix exactly to your liking and portion your meals according to any diet. Not to mention the cutlery which are safely stored in their own place - you can't go without them.

Do you have a salad for today and you need your dressing on the side? With The Mini Containers, that's not an issue anymore. Now you can safely take your salad dressing, protein powder or any mini snacks in these tiny screw cap containers.

The great part is that, while you're having your meal you will be able to relax with the help of a little accessory with double function - The Phone Holder. it will keep you entertained and your FoldEat securely closed.

Once you have the essentials with you, you are ready to eat healthy - at any time, wherever you are, wherever you go.