A Healthier Relationship With Food

Today we encourage you to think more deeply about your relationship with food and make that relationship healthier and more productive.

How & What

Even though many of us don’t believe that our actions as one individual, one family or one group can make an impact, but they do! In fact, the thing to keep in mind is that, when it comes to our relationship with food, we can have the final say in how and what we eat. And by adopting forward-thinking eating habits, you can take action and make changes that have a lasting positive impact on yourself, your community, and the whole environment.

Time for action 

Take a hard look at your current eating habits and identify the areas in which you want to improve. Once you become more self-aware about the habits you want to change, it will be much easier to develop a healthier relationship with food!

Here are three tips in order to better your health and the health of the planet:

Start eating more plant-based foods

Eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains is a perfect start to sustainably consume the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a balanced diet.

We all know that plant-based foods are full of incredible nutritional benefits, often packed with high amounts of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients and vitamins. 

Here's one tip: by limiting your meat intake for one day a week, you can slowly decrease your overall meat consumption and increase your plant-based cooking!

Store food properly

This part is essential if you are going to develop a healthier relationship with food. Proper food storage can help you keep food fresher longer, leading to less food waste.

What about when you're travelling? The most simple way to store your food properly when travelling is with FoldEat. It will make sure that your food will arrive fresh and ready to eat at your destination. Wherever that is. 

Cook at home. Eat wherever you are

Cooking at home is an exceptional way to strengthen your relationship with food. When you cook food yourself, you know exactly what ingredients you are using – you can make the final decision about what food you are going to eat. 

No worries, with FoldEat you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere. Thus, you will not be tempted to make decisions along the way that you will regret later. On the contrary, it will give you fuel and energy to carry out your plans and fullfill your tasks, without worrying. 

Make the difference

Choose a healthy relationship with food that will benefit both your body and the planet.