How to Set Big Goals

Golden rules of goal setting

When it comes to healthy eating, we realized the importance of setting goals. Otherwise, how can we aim for the target if we don’t know where the bullseye is located?

We want to challenge you to think about where you want your arrow to land at the end of this year. 2021 is still fresh, and there are endless opportunities to turn your wishes into DO’s and make them happen.


We have established so far that eating as healthy as possible is our goal now. But what about how we do this?

The trick is to keep 4 things in mind:

  • Knowing why you want to eat healthier can help you make changes in your eating habits.
  • Writing down your reasons will be a good reminder later on if you get discouraged.
  • Start with short-term goals that you can reach pretty easily. It's easier to stay with something new when you have early, frequent successes.
  • A plan for forming new habits includes ideas for getting past barriers—things that might get in the way of your success.

Form a habit

Now you’re probably wondering: “Okay, I know I want to eat healthy, but how do I stick to this?”

The answer is simple: Stay focused and find help on your way. The good thing is that you will make a best friend: FoldEat. Set your goals as high as you like, eating healthy has never been easier. It’s mo-du-lar. So you can adjust FoldEat to any day or diet plan.