Time To Upgrade Your Lunchbox

Need more convincing?

Let’s have a moment of sincerity: how many of you are still carrying the lunchbox you bought maybe in school? We know that we tend to keep things as much as possible, but there are actually quite some reasons why it is important to upgrade your lunchbox.

Your eating will improve

When you have the right tools you’re able to adjust your meals to any day or diet plan exactly as you wish. Do you want to eat clean? FoldEat will help you with that. Whether you want to carry only the soup, just the main meal, or everything along with dips, you will be able to portion your meals and plan your meals everyday. 

You will also be able to eat a hot meal even if you are out in the city, at work, or with friends, thanks to our thermal packs which will keep your food warm for a long time. 

A high-quality lunchbox is an investment

If you spend money now on an entire new concept of eating on the go, you’ll be happy for years. Just like anything else in life, you may spend a bit more upfront, but over the long haul, you’ll save money not needing to rebuy lunchboxes every year. Versatile and easy to clean, FoldEat will be your best friend for a long time.

You deserve to treat yourself

Let’s be honest, you also deserve this. You don’t need a reason to treat yourself. Upgrade your lunchbox or buy your first one just because you deserve to have nice things. Start choosing high-quality, reliable products that will yield consistent results time and time again.