Our Concept

Eating on the go is about to get really cool and easy

THIS Lunchbox

Unfolds into THIS eating mat

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The difference and why it matters


Adjustable Strap

It's a handle or an over the shoulder bag so you can carry it anyway you want

Insulation Layer

It has an insulation layer between the faces so you can even use it to keep
drinks cold or as a shopping bag

Liquids Container

When it comes to liquids, there's nothing safer than a screw cap.
We've also included extra foam insulation

Cooling/ Warming Pads

Keeps your food fresh all day long. And, for maximum efficiency,
the Pads fit between containers.

Two Styles in One

Can't decide wich one? The mat is reversible so you have two styles in one.

Separators for Food Portioning

These are detachable and adjustable so you can portion your meals
according to any diet.

Cutlery Holder

Safely stored in their own place, you can't go without them.

Mini Containers

Safely take your salad dressing, protein powder or just mini snacks in these tiny screw cap containers

Phone Holder / Closing Clip

This little accessory has a double function - keeps foldeat closed or keeps you entertained

The smart way to start your day 

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*40% OFF on launch day


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