FoldEat - the lunchbox that unfolds into an eating mat. With over 11 unique & cool features - it will really make eating healthy more accessible than ever.


From the classic plastic lunchbox to the brown paper bag, to whatever Tupperware you happen to have in your pantry, there are a lot of ways to get your lunch from home to the office every day. 


Forget about all of them because FOLDEAT is a much better option. This game-changing modular lunchbox has 15 unique features that are all seamlessly integrated into a full-on lunch station that’s easy to carry everywhere. 


FOLDEAT has modular square containers that are 6.5″ wide by 2″ tall and can be stacked up to four high depending on how much food you need on hand on any given day. 


They’re 100% microwave and dishwasher safe, have movable dividers, options cooling gel inserts, and there’s even a separate liquid container with a screw top. 


But wait, there’s more. The FOLDEAT carry pack unfolds into a full-size eating mat and even includes magnetic storage areas for cutlery and separate dip containers. Oh yeah, and that cinch closure that keeps your top rolled up also doubles as a phone stand if you want to watch something while you’re eating.